QUESERÍAS ENTREPINARES, S.A.U. has implemented a system of self-control based on the principles of HACCP that keeps regularly updated. The company mantains a Management System thought vital to normalize and control the chosen production standards. It also supports the concerns of improvement in all areas, including the environmental one, in order to minimize the impact that our business can generate.

Continuous Improvement

Our corporate culture considers Quality and Continuous Improvement as a fundamental mainstay, and we are aware that seeking for Business Excellence is another of the goals to achieve. In this sense, ENTREPINARES is in the process of evaluation in accordance with the model of Excellence of the EFQM.

Workplace Safety

Workplace Safety and the Prevention of Occupational Risks is a permanent and fundamental aim in our company and a basic requirement for achieving TOTAL QUALITY. ENTREPINARES incorporates OSHAS 18001/2007 standards voluntarily.


Innovation as the driving force for change of our company on the way of Excellence, is managed together with the Research and Development with the UNE 166002 standard, which is also used as powerful manager of the change of the entire organization.