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Mission, vision and values

Our mission

At Entrepinares we create, produce and market the highest quality, added value, dairy products, efficiently and in an innovative way, so that we exceed the expectations of our customers and consumers.

Our vision

We want to be the leading Spanish, and international benchmark, manufacturer of cheeses and milk by-products, promoting a Sustainable Food Chain and committed to a Total Quality model.

Our values


This is our ability to drive, guide and align the market, not just due to our sales leadership, but also with product quality, efficiency and development.

Creating value

We are geared towards operational efficiency and getting the maximum added value out of each litre of milk.


We are a professional, family business focussing on the development of strategic and financially sustainable business in the long term.

Total Quality

We seek to exceed the expectations of our customers, our employees, suppliers (farmers), society and owners.


We pay constant attention and give a quick, proactive response to market needs (product development and response to specific customer needs, etc).

Team spirit

We have a professional team, which is aligned and cohesive with individual goals and those in common for the whole organisation.