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Commitment and motivation

At Entrepinares every day we strive so that our team enjoys working and develops their talent and abilities.

In doing so, and because of our commitment to people, we carry out the following initiatives:

Equal opportunities for men and women.

In 2004 we put our 1st Equality Plan in place and in 2005 we gained the Óptima mark, which is an award given by the Castile-Leon Government to companies and bodies for their commitment to equal opportunities.

42% of our staff are women and 58% are men. 30% of our management posts are currently held by women and we continue to work on increasing this figure.

Diversity and inclusion management.

At Entrepinares we are committed to the disabled and actively pursue the recruitment, insertion, training and development of disabled people under the same conditions as everyone else. We pay attention to individuality and manage the diversity and singularity of each one of our employees in search of their happiness.

In 2006 we employed our first person with a hearing disability and they are still part of our team today. We currently have 19 disabled employees at our centres.

Training and promoting employability.

Our concern for the health and well-being of our employees falls within our commitment to people. At Entrepinares we manage Health and Safety in the Workplace with our own Prevention Service, which handles the specialist areas of safety and ergonomics, and with an outsourced Prevention Service, which is in charge of hygiene and monitoring health.

We also have innovative prevention plans in place to minimise risks and prevent incidents and accidents. One of our most successful projects is the “Preventive Exercise Plan” which consists of preparing the body with a warm up, movement exercises and stretching at the beginning of each shift.


35 years of innovation

We seek the maximum added value from each litre of milk in order to exceed the expectations of our customers, who are scattered over 35 countries worldwide. This is a challenge that inspires us to be innovative, demanding and efficient every single day.


Local raw materials

The raw material for all of our products is milk sourced from the Spanish farms near to our production centres. We work with cattle, sheep and goat farmers in Galicia, Castile-Leon, Castile-La Mancha and Madrid. Our commitment to the countryside is proven by the fact that we sign annual contracts to buy milk.


A major mission: to look after our planet

At Entrepinares we want to encourage responsible practices that respect the environment and its sustainability, starting with ourselves.

We are committed to environmental prevention, protection and conservation, by complying with all the applicable environmental legislation, and to continuous improvement to our activities, in order to look after and protect our planet.


Growing together

At Entrepinares we believe that businesses are one of the driving forces for progress in society and that we can create a vast positive impact on the community around us. Therefore, we fulfil our commitment with various initiatives

The fight against depopulation

One of the big problems afflicting the communities we operate in is depopulation of the countryside. There is a close bond between the cheese sector and the countryside, so, at Entrepinares, we want to drive the economy in our environment and encourage a stable local population.


We developed the CILAE project (Entrepinares backs an Efficient Milk Cycle), which is highly valued by our farmers, as part of our commitment to maintaining the population. This initiative promotes farm efficiency based on studying the three main costs for farms: feed, workforce and rearing. The purpose of the CILAE is to improve profit margins in the context of high levels of competition to ensure the viability of our supplier farms.

Sports promotion

We believe in sport and the benefits it gives to society. Therefore, we have sponsored the Valladolid rugby club VRAC Quesos Entrepinares since 1991, and we have been sponsoring the Vilalba F. S. de Galicia Sports Club since 2016.

Zero hunger

Another of our commitments to society lies in developing social, supportive actions. We listen to, and collaborate with, various organisations and initiatives that share our values, such as the Food Bank or the “Bocata Solidaria” (sandwiches sold to make money for charity), amongst others.